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| August 21, 2012
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10k Free Site TrafficUse free traffic to your site to increase overall traffic and boost generic metrics. There in principle a few benefits to arranging free traffic, there are many companies out there with a variety of methods of doing this also.

The best practice to apply here is simply be realistic, its not going to make your site popular overnight, nor will it make you rich, but maybe it will enhance some of your SEO efforts and increase your SERP’s performance.

As we keep saying its all worth a shot, a process of never ending improvement. Look for companies that operate blog exchanges meaning they offer up traffic organic traffic using their own site as a mainframe of opportunity listing your link actually people will click through based on relevant content.

Other paid and free traffic companies use bots, programmes to generate fake traffic. The result here is instant, but temporary, there will be no transactions, further clicks – so barely any point. You may increase your site statistics slightly but it will denote a blip on your overall and real performance. Some people that take the holistic stance will do everything to improve Alexa metrics thus creating a ruse to help sell other concepts based on there sites perceived  popularity.

The reality again, try to get longer term reliable traffic with proper SEO techniques. Try this – why not – but do not rely on it and don’t pay too much or use the programme we use that get you Free Traffic.

Let us know if you signed up for the 10k of free traffic and what your thoughts are and if it worked in our FB comments section below.

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