Use a Coupon feed to generate traffic: 4 Step guide

| August 23, 2012
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Coupon feeds (Voucher feeds in the UK), are becoming massively popular, so here’s how to make a voucher site in 4 easy steps.

As we are in austere times everyone is looking to save money, so offers, vouchers, and coupons feeds have become exceedingly popular as proven on Facebook.  If you have thought of building your own Voucher site/Coupon Site, it may seem daunting even expensive, but its not.

Here is a simple 4 Step guide to creating voucher site/coupon site for less than £100 – an Absolute bargain!

  1. Purchase a domain and hosting: There are rules to selecting the right domain name so take your time and do your research. For hosting we recommend JUSTHOST.COM as they have a number of advantages that help with setting up mutiple websites without restrictions, check out our review of for details. You can get prices for hosting with here they actually give you 1 domain for free.
  2. Select your site building software: WordPress is the best codex for creating a quick and a flexible SEO friendly Voucher site/Coupon site, and the software is completely free to use. have a wizard to guide you through a blank installation.
  3. WordPress Voucher site/Coupon site Theme: The major benefit of WordPress are all the plugins, free and premium themes available. If you can think of a need on your site, someone will most likely have created it. Coupon Press  (as used by some large voucher/coupon sites) is simply that, the theme needed to run a Voucher site/Coupon Site as a completely off the shelf solution. No development skills required, or coding skills required, just purchase > Install > and Tailor to the style you want. The Coupon Press theme comes with full video walk-through’s, and guides to help you get it up and running in no time at all. A fantastic offer or business for less than a £100.
  4. Voucher Feed/Coupon Feed: There are ‘not‘ many solutions in the market but the one we did find, and tested, was good. Icodes has two offerings Icodes UK and Icodes USA, they are a service provider that enable voucher feeds to your site either directly, or via there fully integrated wordpress plug which coincidently integrates with Coupon Press. You will need to sign up with affiliate networks, and select the merchants you want to promote on your site which may take a few days, but that’s as hard as it gets.
That’s it, 4 steps and you’ve built a monster traffic generator. It will take less than couple of days to get the site functional and ready for use, and after 2 weeks you will be a master of the Coupon Press WordPress theme.
Now you have a low cost, immediate, off the self solution for a voucher site/coupon site. Go have fun generating thousands in affiliate income and remember who helped you get there.

CouponPress turns any WordPress blog into a professional coupon code or voucher code website with lots of coupon site features, in minutes!

Includes 20+ coupon website designs, unlimited installations, lifetime free support and upgrades!

Tell us what you think, how it went, and if you made money – in our FB comments below? GSS Media helping web enthusiasts find what they need to generate income.

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