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| September 5, 2012
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Banners Broker – Easy and innovative way to earn money as an advertiser or publisher.

GSS Media has since signed up to Banners Broker since being made aware of its existence in the last few months.

In this article we will overview Banners Broker to help as many people as possible make up their minds on if they should join, or if this is the first the time you have heard of Banners Broker, what its all about.

What is Banners Broker:

They set themselves out as a legitimate company with a unique perspective for Advertisers and Publishers to generate money. Unique in that you do not even need to have a website to earn money, and as a Advertiser you can publish your own products and vice verse.

They fall in to the content monetisation market, using an easy money appeal to draw people in as a main reason to sign up. That said, after lots of research and personal referrals they appear to be delivering.

Its little like a ponzi scheme using accumulated income distributed to raise the interest but they also have income from related sales, as their site and programme actually generates huge traffic that even benefits your site. It can literally  change your website business over night that’s how potent this model is.

Specifically how do you earn money with Banners Broker:

They’re seems to 3 strategies here

  1. Advertiser; you are rewarded for advertising your own product/service on banners broker. Related income from exposure to your product in turn rewards you with options to take advertising space that is discounted and sold on, with you making the
  2. Publisher; earn from impressions, clicks, and sales of from related adverts. Content relevant to you site targeted geographically or contextually
  3. Ad/Pub combo; do both – sell your product and earn money

When you sign up you will be presented these options. You don’t even need a website with banners broker to earn money, you simply invest in banner space and be rewarded overtime.

The best resource to view how this works is in the control panel, once you sign up.

Sign up to Banners Broker:

Use our link here and we will be your referral, it has the MLM element to refer business generated by its users. Whilst referring customers does not earn you the most money it does generate a reasonable income.


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