Why is there a ‘massive deceleration’ in tablet shipments?

IDC isn’t generally one of the more excitable research firms in the technology world, so when it predicts a “massive deceleration” in tablet shipments this year, it’s not seeking headlines for the sake of it. The company has forecast that overall tablet shipments – familiar caveat: not sales – will grow by 7.2% globally in […]

Teenagers and tweens watching TV half as much as adults, Ofcom finds

Tweens and teens watch just half the amount of live TV as adults each day, and choose to “top-up” viewing by watching clips on services such as YouTube, Vimeo and Vine, according to new research by the UK media regulator. Ofcom says children aged 11 to 15 watch about 1hr and 32min of live TV […]

What’s Yik Yak and how does it differ from Twitter?

Name: Yik Yak. Age: One year old. Appearance: Loaded. How much are we talking? Figures vary, but somewhere in the low hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s one wealthy baby. It would be, if it were a baby. What is it, then? It’s an anonymous messaging app. I’m going to ask you again, but this time I want an […]


The return of the board game – Tech Weekly podcast

On this edition of Tech Weekly, presented by Alex Hern, we investigate the rise of the board game. Alex is joined by a panel of board-game aficionados; Ellie Gibson, games writer and co-founder of the Scummy Mummies podcast and comedy show; and avid board gamer Owen Duffy, Guardian writer and founder of the Unplugged Games […]

Obituary: Tony Bourne

By Dan Pearson Tue 25 Nov 2014 3:47pm GMT / 10:47am EST / 7:47am PST People Man who founded SCEE QA in Liverpool passes away Tony Bourne, who was previously the head of Sony’s SCEE QA department, has passed away, has learned. The following statement, including details of his forthcoming funeral, was issued for […]

Sony settles over misleading Vita ads

Sony has agreed to a settlement on charges that it ran a series of misleading ads for the PlayStation Vita around the time of the handheld’s 2012 launch, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Additionally, an ad firm employed by Sony has settled charges of deceptive advertising through the use of Twitter endorsements from employees […]

Social Media

Share your tasty meal for our photo challenge

Foodies, rejoice. It’s that time of year when friends and family come together to share home cooked meals, decadent desserts and lots of leftovers. Whether you’re taking it to the next level in the kitchen, or simply enjoying a post pig-out food coma, we hope you take a second to capture the magic of your […]

Vine adds a feature so you’ll never miss your favorite videos

Vine upgraded its app on Tuesday to include a “favorite” option, so you can make sure that you see any and all videos from your most treasured Vine users. The new feature will send a push notification and notify you in your feed when a favorited account posts a video. You can favorite an account […]

The future of food, as told on Vine

Do you like playing with your food? We sure do. This week we partnered with ConAgra Foods Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert to create a series of Vines about the hottest food trends. From Generation Z’s creative interpretation of food to the increasing availability of same-day grocery delivery, as well as new technology in nutrition, the […]

WP + Blog

Userplane Plug-Ins Now Support WordPress, Drupal, and More.

Userplane has been adding to its roster of available community-building tools for some time, with free API options for things like chat and Webmessenger. The plugins for these Userplane additions are now available as plug-ins for VBulletin, WordPress, Drupal, Mambo, Joomla and phpFoX. The point is to make it even more simple to create communities […]

20+ Must-Have WordPress 2.5 Compatible Plugins

Even though WordPress 2.5 has been out for a while now, not all plugins are up-to-date. We’ve put together a list of 20+ must-have WordPress 2.5 compatible plugins to manage your blog, engage readers, and tempt new ones as well. Below you’ll find helpful plugins that enable you to block spam, track analytics, promote your […]

Share Media Directly from iPhoto with YouSendIt Plugins

If you’re an Apple user then you’ve probably come to appreciate the sharing options that are available to you through various applications like iPhoto’s Share to iWeb or iMovie’s send to YouTube options. YouSendIt, the digital content delivery system that recently raised an additional $14 million in funding, has created a couple of plug-ins for […]

Tech + Reviews

Report: Sony planning an e-ink smartwatch

Sony is working on an e-ink smartwatch for a possible release in 2015, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, citing sources familiar with the matter. According to the report, the watch will have both its face and wristband covered with e-ink material, giving it the ability to completely change its appearance. Don’t expect it to be a feature-laden […]

Razor E300 electric scooter lacks the features to reach its potential

Razor’s lightweight scooters burst onto the scene about 15 years ago, and you can still see people riding them down city sidewalks. But as those early riders have grown older, possibly they have gotten lazier, as Razor now offers a complete line of electric scooters. The Razor E300 is the largest one in the lineup, […]

5 early Black Friday deals for gadget lovers

Having trouble waiting for Black Friday to get your hands on some new gadgets? Not to worry. There are already some cool electronics up for (relatively) cheap prices online. We’ve put together some of our favorites — from the very cheap to the more high-end — to help you buy something for your gadget-inclined friends […]


Free traffic – Get 10’000 Hits today

Use free traffic to your site to increase overall traffic and boost generic metrics. There in principle a few benefits to arranging free traffic, there are many companies out there with a variety of methods of doing this also. The best practice to apply here is simply be realistic, its not going to make your […]

Free backlinks – 500 links no cost no strings

Get 500 Free Backlinks today: Free backlinks are rare, especially by legitimate companies. I found this site offering 500 free backlinks for just signing up. If you wondering what backlinks are they: Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web […]

Just How Interested Is the World in SEO?

How big is the SEO industry on the Internet? Really big, according to a new infographic by Spanish-based SEO service provider BlueCaribu. In fact, the infographic reveals that 3.5 people look up the term “SEO” on Google each second and 9.1 million web users are digging up information on the topic each month. People are […]

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Bungie: "The launch of Destiny was the starting line"

| November 26, 2014 | 0 Comments

Ways to know if you’re a Destiny addict: Friday is now Xur Day, you’re clearer on the number of Ascendant Shards you have than the state of your actual bank account, your loved ones have to fit around your Vault Of Glass raiding schedule. This is not your average shooter. “The launch of Destiny was […]

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PlayStation Network and Windows Live hack was a hoax, companies say

| November 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

The latest alleged hack of the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Windows Live was a hoax, Sony and Microsoft have confirmed. Hacking group DerpTrolling claimed to have stolen 7m accounts, and allegedly leaked more than 5,500 usernames for the PSN, Windows Live and 2K Games via the anonymous text sharing site Pastebin. Both the hack and […]

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