Whisper chief executive answers privacy revelations: ‘We’re not infallible’

The chief executive of the “anonymous” social media app Whisper broke his silence late on Saturday, saying he welcomed the debate sparked by Guardian US revelations about his company’s tracking of users and declaring “we realise that we’re not infallible”. Michael Heyward’s statement was his first public response to a series of articles published in […]

Twitter’s former security head condemns Whisper’s privacy flaws

Whistleblowing tool Whisper has been criticised for its defence of tracking of “anonymous” users, with Twitter’s former security head Moxie Marlinspike stating the site never should have claimed it should never have claimed to provide anonymity if it had to track users to make the app function. It was the failure to be open about […]

Privacy experts call for Whisper to be investigated over tracking of some users

Privacy experts on Friday called for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to examine social media app Whisper’s tracking of “anonymous users”. The US consumer watchdog has broad powers to sanction companies it believes have breached their promises to consumers and has become increasingly interested in claims made by tech companies, sanctioning Facebook, Google and Snapchat […]


Doctor Who’s new web game aims to teach children programming skills

Doctor Who’s latest adventure sees him teaming up with a Dalek and trying to save the universe, but also teaching children some early computer programming skills. This isn’t a TV show, however: it’s a game due to launch on Wednesday (22 October) on the broadcaster’s CBBC website. The Doctor and the Dalek includes voice narration […]

New GamesAid comedy night reveals full line-up

By Matthew Handrahan Thu 16 Oct 2014 10:07am GMT / 6:07am EDT / 3:07am PDT Events Rob Rouse, Daliso Chaponda, Jo Enright and Mick Ferry will be hosted by Imran Yusuf The popular charity event StandUp4GamesAid will switch from London to Manchester for its new show this weekend. StandUp4GamesAid will be hosted by Imran Yusuf, […]

MediaCity offers free studio space to UK developers

By Matthew Handrahan Thu 16 Oct 2014 10:59am GMT / 6:59am EDT / 3:59am PDT Development Startups and freelancers in the North West will be given prime real estate for the next six months MediaCity UK is offering rent-free studio space to startup and freelance game developers working in the North West of England. In […]

Social Media

Tweet a Short Story for a Chance to Win a Copy of Margaret Atwood’s ‘Stone Mattress’

Novels, poems, essays, children’s books — Margaret Atwood can write it all. Since she released her first poetry collection Double Persephone in 1961, Atwood has published more than 50 works, including her dystopian masterpiece The Handmaid’s Tale. See also: Read the First Story from Margaret Atwood’s ‘Stone Mattress,’ Our MashableReads Selection Most recently, Atwood has […]

Capture the Feeling of Fall for Our Photo Challenge

Autumn: ‘Tis the season of hot cider, cable knit sweaters and an irrational obsession with pumpkin products. As the weather cools and green fades from the trees, we’re reminded that winter is coming. Soonish. But before we brace ourselves for the cold, let’s take a second to drink in the colors and feeling of autumn. […]

If You Printed All the Instagram Photos in a Year, How Far Would They Reach?

Every year, Instagram users upload 21.9 billion photos to the visual social network. Selfies, food porn, adorable animals — they all flood the favored photo app every second, and it would take multiple lifetimes just to double-tap them all. Kim Kardashian (the reigning queen of Instagram’s most-liked photo) would have to spend 286 million years […]

WP + Blog

Userplane Plug-Ins Now Support WordPress, Drupal, and More.

Userplane has been adding to its roster of available community-building tools for some time, with free API options for things like chat and Webmessenger. The plugins for these Userplane additions are now available as plug-ins for VBulletin, WordPress, Drupal, Mambo, Joomla and phpFoX. The point is to make it even more simple to create communities […]

20+ Must-Have WordPress 2.5 Compatible Plugins

Even though WordPress 2.5 has been out for a while now, not all plugins are up-to-date. We’ve put together a list of 20+ must-have WordPress 2.5 compatible plugins to manage your blog, engage readers, and tempt new ones as well. Below you’ll find helpful plugins that enable you to block spam, track analytics, promote your […]

Share Media Directly from iPhoto with YouSendIt Plugins

If you’re an Apple user then you’ve probably come to appreciate the sharing options that are available to you through various applications like iPhoto’s Share to iWeb or iMovie’s send to YouTube options. YouSendIt, the digital content delivery system that recently raised an additional $14 million in funding, has created a couple of plug-ins for […]

Tech + Reviews

Snapchat Freaks Out Users With First Ad for ‘Ouija’

Snapchat ads have officially arrived. The photo sharing app’s first advertisement was a 20-second trailer for the upcoming horror movie from Universal Pictures, Ouija. See also: 9 Things We’d Change About Snapchat As previously outlined by the company, the ad appeared in the app’s “Recent Updates” section and users can choose whether or not they […]

707-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat? Hell yes!

I’ll cut to the chase and get right to the bit that you came here for: the engine. The SRT Hellcat is powered by a 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V-8 that outputs a stated 707 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque and can be best described, in a word, as monstrous. It is loud, it is […]

Fitbit to Display New Allergen Warnings to Sidestep Recall

Fitbit has avoided another recall of its products by agreeing to inform buyers that the Fitbit Flex may contain nickel, an allergen. The warning, as first reported by the New York Times, prompted the Consumer Product Safety Commission to not recall the Fitbit Flex. It also comes after the maker of fitness wearables recalled millions […]


Free traffic – Get 10’000 Hits today

Use free traffic to your site to increase overall traffic and boost generic metrics. There in principle a few benefits to arranging free traffic, there are many companies out there with a variety of methods of doing this also. The best practice to apply here is simply be realistic, its not going to make your […]

Free backlinks – 500 links no cost no strings

Get 500 Free Backlinks today: Free backlinks are rare, especially by legitimate companies. I found this site offering 500 free backlinks for just signing up. If you wondering what backlinks are they: Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web […]

Just How Interested Is the World in SEO?

How big is the SEO industry on the Internet? Really big, according to a new infographic by Spanish-based SEO service provider BlueCaribu. In fact, the infographic reveals that 3.5 people look up the term “SEO” on Google each second and 9.1 million web users are digging up information on the topic each month. People are […]

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Google reveals Nexus Player

| October 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

By Brendan Sinclair Thu 16 Oct 2014 2:25pm GMT / 10:25am EDT / 7:25am PDT Hardware Preorders for $99 Android TV set-top box open this week, device goes on sale Nov. 3 Google is partnering with Asus to introduce a new set-top box to its Nexus line of Android-powered devices. The company has announced its […]

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Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes review compelling narrative but unpolished gameplay

| October 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

The 10th game in Frogwares’ series of Sherlock Holmes adventure games, Crime Punishments is technically ambitious, adopting Unreal Engine 3 for the best-looking instalment yet. Gameplay is thoroughly old school, though, an unapologetic point and click in approach, if not execution. Played in third- or first-person, Crimes Punishments allows you to investigate murders and disappearances […]

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